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Monday, December 17, 2007

Super Sitter found for Walden New York pet sit

I just want to let you know that my posting for a pet-sitter was answered by a super lady, with excellent references. We have met and made arrangements, and I can't believe how effortless this was. I will certainly refer others to pet-sitters .biz. Thank You! (Fizziwig)

Pet Sit: Walden New York

The pets in our home have their human caregivers trained to cater to their every whim. While we are away, we like to maintain the routine of opening and closing the door, filling the food bowls, cleaning up the spilled water, protecting the furniture, vacuuming up cat hair, cleaning the litter box, brushing and scratching and fussing over two nine-year old cats and one spunky five-month old kitten.

In addition we have a very social guinea pig, who requires an assortment of fresh vegetables, scratching, and kind words at least twice a day. The cats are indoor-outdoor; however they are only outside when we are at home (especially important where the kitten is concerned).

The ideal situation would be to have a sitter arrive early evening, stay the night and leave mid-morning (mimics our usual schedule). Alternatively, a sitter could arrive early morning, come and go during the day, and leave late evening. If you are a cat-lover, you will enjoy this assignment. The cats are sweet and gentle (the kitten, too, although he is in the terrible-twos stage of development). Our home is a non-smoking, peaceful environment. Our sitter will also be asked to bring in the mail, and load the bird-feeders



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