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Thursday, March 16, 2006

New resources blog: Pet and Home Lovers Articles and Tips

We have created a new blog of relevant and practical advice articles for home owners and pet lovers.

A variety of articles to make your home environment a happy and content place to live - and tips on pet care, feeding, exercise, home maintenance, home improvement and more. In other words - helping make the life of the home owner easier, simpler and just plain happy. Can we motivate you, can we inspire you ... I hope so.

New original articles are regularly posted by our writing team.

Pet and Home Lovers Articles and Tips Blog

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Blogger Flint River Jay said...

My wife has been the top dog trainer in Cleveland for 6 years and I have done lots of "techie" work in the business. One of the things that other dog trainers are always impressed with when she speaks at dog training conferences is how much of our business comes from products that she sells to clients after her in-home dog training sessions and in her classes. I have a fairly new website at - take a look. We have friends who are groomers and pet sitters and dog walkers who have found that selling pet food is a great way to increase sales in a small business.

If your client already trusts you and your suggest a great food that has benefits over the grocery store or pet store brand they will often just buy it on your suggestion. We sell Flint River Ranch dog and cat food.

This is from our website: As both an animal lover and holistically oriented dog trainer, I am often asked: "What do you feed your dogs?" While researching nutrition, developing my homemade dog treats and feeding my own dogs a freshly prepared diet for some time, I learned that a properly prepared homemade diet with supplements is still best. However, the realities of modern life and time management mean that at times it is handy to have a top quality commercial food. I have tried many of the "natural" and "premium" foods out there. Flint River Ranch Super Premium Health Food is the food I put in my dogs' (and cats') bowls! The easily digested, oven baked preparation, all natural ingredients, and positive health benefits for my own pack make Flint River Ranch hands down the food of choice I recommend to all my friends, clients and acquaintances.

There is no sprayed-on additive or greasy coating to make the taste acceptable. Ordinary dog foods are extruded under high pressure and extreme temperatures and then sprayed with fat and other products in order to encourage dogs to eat.

Oven-baking changes hard to digest starches into digestable dextrins, which are readily absorbed into your dog's system. The secret to Flint River Ranch's great nutrition is the number of nutrients present in the dog's food and how efficiently they are utilized when digested. Our nutrition is baked in, not sprayed on.

The cost of Flint River Ranch includes shipping! What makes Flint River Ranch so good?

OVEN-BAKED Kibble - Not extruded, Flint River Ranch foods are twice baked to change hard-to-digest starches into easily digested dextrins.

ALL NATURAL with essential vitamins , chelated minerals.


ALWAYS FRESH - Made 3x weekly then shipped directly to you.

HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE - lower stool volume/clean-up, less odor in the litter box!

NO artificial colors or flavors.

NO Ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT or chemical preservatives

HIGH DENSITY - feed 20-25% per less than other foods

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - or return unused portion for a full refund.

FREE DELIVERY directly to your door (continental US only)

Costs less to feed.

Better nutrition, palatability and digestibility

Flint River Ranch is a more highly-concentrated food, which means better nutrition, palatability and digestibility. Assuming you follow the reccomended feeding guidelines, you can feed from 20% to 25% less than other pet foods. High digestibility means lower feeding cost. In addition to that, you'll notice a lower stool volume, very little odor, and very little "brown spot" grass damage. For prices and ordering information, go to BestFood4myPet

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