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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Owners worry about pets at home alone

By Sarah Viren The Galveston County Daily News

Is Fluffy bored when left home alone? Does Spot have separation anxiety?

Definitely, say a growing number of pet owners and experts in the pet-care field. And they are doing something about it.

Once upon a time, our furry little friends passed their days away in relative oblivion. But these days many pet owners try to find ways to keep their dogs and cats entertained during long days when they are home alone.

To help with this there are now dog and cat sitters, special animal day care services and a litany of pet products, including a tennis ball machine for dogs and a kitty-friendly video.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tender Loving Care brings in pet sit opportunities

Thank you for a wonderful service, It has been an amazing experience getting good jobs and the clients are great!

I have received many contacts for future clientele and current customers. Which I must say has been better than any other pet sitter web sites i have found on-line. I am very impressed with your web site and depend on your website for job opportunities.

Amy, Tender Loving Care


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Woman Busts Pet Sitter With Hidden Camera

This story shows how important it is to go through a check list when selecting a pet sitter. You may not be getting what you pay for. Click checklist from our home page.

"Pet owners will do a lot to protect and provide for their pets, including hiring someone to take care of the animals when they can't.

But how can you make sure the pet sitter you're hiring is the right person for the job?

News 8 consumer reporter Brian Roche has the story of one pet owner who answered that question with a hidden camera." As reported in Yahoo News.

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Woman Busts Pet Sitter With Hidden Camera

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy days - Pet sitters allow favorite pals to play, stay at home

There’s little doubt that Mack is one well-loved feline.

Mack, a 16-year-old orange tabby tended by Don and Linda Huffman, has received acupuncture treatments from a holistic veterinarian and gets a special blend of Chinese herbs added to his food to keep him healthy.

When the Lawrence couple have to go out of town, they wouldn’t think of boarding their “baby” at a kennel or just leaving him home alone for a couple of days.

They hire a professional pet sitter to come to their home and look after all of Mack’s needs, as well as check to make sure everything is OK around the house.

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Professional pet sitting in Lawrence KS reported in Lawrance Journal World

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Can't find a house sitter? Consider calling a dog sitter

Can't find a house sitter? Consider calling a dog sitter.

The Austin Statesmen reports on using a pet sitter even if you dont have a pet for

Personal Pet Pal reports growing business

Once again, I thank you. With so many new people and their pets relocating, this service is convenient and easy for finding local pet sitters. I recently added on a new family from Georgia, who now reside in Boca Raton, and have become satisfied new clients.

Thank you for helping my business to grow!

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Local pet sitter is for the dogs and cats and horses

Story about a New London Pet Sitting Business published at
"There's more business than there are pet sitters," he said. "I'm actually doing a lot better at this point than I had expected."
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Local pet sitter is for the dogs and cats and horses